Charging through danger

A campaign about defying fear

Two of the best free skiers on the planet, Dave Treadway and Henrik Windstedt did a film about an insane heli skiing adventure in BC, Canada. We created the online campaign.

This digital campaign is about free-skiing radical backcountry and facing dangers. The movie “Let’s Go Get Small” plays a central role in this beautiful single-page experience. You follow the adventure of two free-skiers as they go into the Canadian wilderness. Dave a bit crazier then Henrik. Their mission is to explore the British Columbia coast range, and to find lines never skied before. To see what’s possible on skis…

After a heli ride, they descend onto the ridge of a remote mountain top, clenching into snow and ice not to fall down. They scout the landscape. As the hearts beat faster they have to quickly find a skiable line before the wind gets too strong. You watch them jump out into seemingly verticals. The blood is running cold. The adrenaline peaks; fear laughs with excitement as they ski down.

The campaign site centers around the movie and allows you to go in-depth into the adventure, making you, too, feel present when exploring the unexplored.

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Charging through danger

Some people have that innate hunger for extreme adventure; a love for a sport that's about chasing the terrifying and overcoming fear.

Dreaming of winter wonderland

Follow the adventure of two free-skiers who know no bounds. They’re on a pursuit of moments that make adrenaline rush and even forces the spectators' hearts to beat a bit faster.

Breath-taking moments

We were lucky to have a content-driven client who provided an intriguing ski film that we could build the campaign idea around.

"By using flat design with custom-made icons, we got a modern and stunning look of the site."