Sometimes you must travel far to create cool campaigns

An epic journey to Greenland's unclaimed territories

Our journey begins where ice-cold waters kiss the ground and mountains join the sky. Follow a team of four mountaineers as they travel through Greenland’s unpredictable environments in pursuit of thrills, achievement and comradeship.

Greenland. To most of us, it’s one of the world’s most unforgiving, unpredictable and uncharted territories on earth. To our four brave mountaineers, it’s the perfect playground and testing environment.

They took the collection through Greenland’s notoriously heavy winds, iceberg filled waters, chilly snowstorms and glaciers. The campaign takes us through the team’s discovery of a new mixed climbing route, and we get to see—up-front— and adventure of hiking, trekking, skiing and climbing.

The idea was to make the storytelling more entertaining by taking an infographic approach to the design. Ultimately we were able to make an experience out of this world.

The adventure was captured into a beautiful, continuous, single-page experience. We extended the mountaineers’ stories and allowed users to discover the adventure. Immersive, full-screen imagery created a sense of being close to the location. To emphasize the dramatic events, a 30 min film played a central role in the campaign. The site explored the cast of the movie, allowing users to dive deeper into their profiles, so that fans all over the world get to know them better.

Peak Performance

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  • UI/UX Design
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  • Copywriting

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  • Hardcore protection. Tested by professionals.

    1 We didn’t want to create the “standard stand-alone microsite” for the campaign, so we made sure to integrate it with the ecom platform so that customers could buy products directly from the experience.

  • Responsive design

    2 The site is a fully responsive: optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile. A place where you get to experience the brand in-depth, say hello to the athletes, and submerse in content from this amazing adventure.

"We created some cool design elements to give a proper feel of destination."

“Our journey begins where ice-cold waters kiss the ground and mountains join the sky. We climb up. Ski down. We’re grateful for having one of the world’s biggest playgrounds under our feet. “