Let's go storyshopping

We create ecommerce excellence with story-driven content

Fiction is a digital agency that helps brands build character, connect to customers, and sell stuff. We do this by creating shopping experiences fused with remarkable stories. Our approach mixes ecommerce with branded content through storytelling.

A good story entertains, captivates and brings people together. Storyshopping — a term we coined to describe how we influence shoppers — makes people buy into the soul of a brand and turn them into loyal shoppers. So we embellish online shops with stories; and activate a social fan base to make online shops come alive.

The right way forward for omni-channel commerce starts with us. Do you also loathe out-of-the-box thinking because basic platform functionality is not enough to grow your sales? We help you establish and execute on a digital strategy that carves the way for Storyshopping, so that you get ahead of the game for years to come. We believe that engaged consumers make sales soar through brand advocacy. As brand custodians, they tend to stick around for a long time, too.

At the end of the day, perhaps the only thing you’ll look at is your bottom line. But your customers are looking at how your site is designed; how easy it is to navigate and how you treat them. Working with us means you’ll be working with a senior team of all hands-on people, meaning that at Fiction, we’re all designers and UX experts at heart. So we’ll deliver world-class design that will earn you great recognition and lovely conversion numbers.

People get drawn into amazing stories. With Storyshopping, we entice involvement and guide consumers to conversion.

Customer first.
Mobile second.

Shopping from touch devices has overthrown computer usage; yet we dare starting with a customer first approach. Not just a play on words, starting with the customer means we narrow down user-friendliness and brand aspects first, then we make people shop through their favorite devices.

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We are skiers, snowboarders, cyclists, runners and explorers struck by a healthy case of wanderlust, and a questionable doze of madness. We value adventurous lifestyles; and have taken that into our culture.

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